kihebard (kihebard) wrote,

Beefs About Blogging: Talking Points

1. Opinion not always clearly labeled separate from "FACT".

2. "Flattened" Response Levels. (See separate entry in this journal, outline for "The Fallacy of Flattening")

3. Deteriorating standards in grammar, spelling, editing lauded NOT lambasted

4. active disdain for journalistic ethics, integrity, responsibility

5. Lemming effects

6. Discourteous consideration for limited bandwidth (i.e. dial-up) readers

7. Dilution / super-saturation effects

8. User-surly interfaces and poor navigation tools

9. Money. Filthy Money. (IOW who pays, why, how much, etc...)

10. Ownership Rights: Bandwidth, Intellectual Property, Work Hours / Product, etc.
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