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Too long no post, but sometimes life just *is* -- and I am still feeling my way through on the LJ interface / style.

The update for any who don't already know: my job search has brought me back to western Pennsylvania on contract -- at least through the end of September, with options to extend. I'm settled in, am making it to some SCA and Pagan events of one form or another and otherwise getting by / enjoying an income again.

Today, that bit about "getting by" included dashing for the vehicle after work in a downpour while using an under-sized umbrella (fortunately had the wisdom to flip the flap of my messenger bag over the main compartment -- will see in the morning how water-resistant the outer shell was...). Looks like time to make a Sams Club run RSN and invest in a replacement for my old golf umbrella, the one that "died" after ten years or so sitting on the rear deck of my vehicle (in the sun -- the fabric gave up fairly spectacularly due to sun damage).

"Life goes on"

Kihe / Amra / Mike
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