kihebard (kihebard) wrote,

May in North Texas: have a thunderstorm, or three...

The storms moved through, mostly in the wee small hours, last night.

Today was a day of clean air and breezes, until the storm clouds built again toward evening.

Outside, a younger mockingbird has been scolding the in&out cat with an increasing level of fearlessness -- it may be only a matter of days before the mockingbird becomes not-so-young in wisdom about tempting that which is Cat.

April was too dry, for all that it seemed to be damp so often. The black gumbo soil here is cracking deeply. Even with last night's gentle rains, it won't be very long until a pencil can be inserted into the earth through one of these cracks without ever touching the soil to either side, and even then the bottom end may be well short of finding an obstruction.

Not enough organic matter mixes into this clay&goo, unless one can add sand or other soil types, or possibly lives in one of the older and relatively undisturbed bottomlands. Preferably one that was never over-farmed.

Tomorrow, I return to the corporate workweek a bit more solidly a part of same: my corporation is now "official", and feels more like it since there is also a bank account in the name of the business...

Pax ... Kihe
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