kihebard (kihebard) wrote,

Spring Is Spring - and The Contract Is Begun...

Have now started a first for me -- "pure" telecommute gig, part-time, teaching MicroFocus tools and prviding related technical consultation on policy documents, system configurations, "best practices", and so forth.

Working from home isn't new to me. Working from home directly for pay isn't new, either. HOWEVER doing all of the work on an engagement remotely, no travel, set-my-own-hours (except for the remote-classroom presentations [which I still get to reach an agreement as to scheduling for), work primarily at my own pace and under my own initiative: this is new.

So far, I likes it, I does.

Ask me again after midnight on 30th April, 2009. And again at the end of May. . .

Meanwhile, it is indeed Spring in north Texas. Serious amounts of allergens in the air definitely impact my health and well-being, and that of my friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and everyone else (whether or not they admit to it, this much pollen & dust & spores & smoke & other debris affects EVERYONE). Hope the team that developed Claritin, and the lab monkeys associated with Benadryl, were well and truly compensated for the boon they were able to grant us.

Pax ... Kihe
Tags: "uncle kihe", amra, changes, kihe blackeagle, kihebard, murphy, teaching
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