kihebard (kihebard) wrote,

Briefly -- Bound for Warlord, AS XLIII...

Another year in the trenches, manning the herraldic consultation table at Steppes Warlord (oldest continually-presented event in what is now the Kingdom of Ansteorra).

Will be displaying my hand-sewn banner in Ansteorra for the first time at a full-fledged SCA event (and it has additional work even since the last time it was out in public, too). Will be advocating for the A&S 50 Challenge in my copious spare time. AND just might let the voice out for a bit of a bardic competition, if my energy holds out...

Am I ready? Not quite yet -- but I'm getting there as fast as I can!

Adieu, Amra / Pax ... Kihe / ttfn - Mike
Tags: "uncle kihe", a&s50, kihe blackeagle, needlework, northshield, sca
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